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Pro-Clear Ultimate is the perfect coating we use on natural stone or feature brickwork

The coating is a transparent, Silane-Siloxane based, which penetrates the exterior building surfaces and chemically bonds to produce a water-repellent lining. Giving long lasting protection to a natural stone, feature brickwork and roof tiles without changing their appearance.

Pro-Clear Ultimate protects surfaces from the destructive effects of air pollution, mould, algae and adverse weather conditions. Although not a waterproof barrier, it actually breathes, and is both weatherproof and microporous, allowing water vapour to pass out through the property’s exterior walls without letting water penetrate.

Another use for Pro-Clear Ultimate is roof tiles as it has the same protective properties stopping bio-matter from getting a foot hold reducing moss build up and protecting against algae and mould without changing the appearance of the roof, if you would like to change the colour of the roof have a look at our roofgard range click here. now offered in eighteen beautiful colours.

Independent testing on active ingredients shows high reductions in water absorption, excellent breathability and durability. U.S. test method ASTM C 666 result, Durability Factor 139%